Similarity To Other Tests
An electrocardiogram is similar except wires in sleep studies allow you to sleep peacefully, in any position you want. There is no discomfort.
Sleep Studies
Sleep studies require an overnight stay at Capitol Sleep Center. You may be required to stay at Capitol Sleep Centers during the day on day two of your study. If you are, you will be asked to take a series of twenty minute naps, two hours apart. We will be analyzing the degree of sleepiness you exhibit during the day in relationship to nighttime sleepiness. The daytime study ends at approximately 4:00 PM.
Lab Studies
Several measurements are recorded while you sleep at Capitol Sleep Centers. The measurements may include brain wave activity, heart function, respiration, and/or leg and eye movements. All measurements are taken from the surface of the skin with no discomfort to you.
While You Are Our Guest
You will need to bring with you pajamas, bathrobe, slippers, and personal hygiene items.

For daytime test, patients may bring in any snack or breakfast item they wish. Lunch will be provided. If you are on a special diet, you may want to bring your own food. We have a refrigerator and a microwave for your use.

Your comfort is the main concern of our well-trained and friendly staff. We encourage you to bring your own pillows if you are more comfortable using them. Relax and make yourself at home when you arrive for your test. Our lounge area, complete with television and VCR, is available for your use if you are not ready for bed after we prepared you for your study. Your own videotapes are welcome.

Shower facilities are available for your use at the end of your study.

We are totally focused on your study. We record as many as sixteen parameters of information which are analyzed by a medical sleep specialist. Our professional staff will monitor your entire stay.
The cost of your study may be covered by your health insurance plan. We suggest you check with your insurance company about your specific coverage. Please let us know what your insurance company's policy is before we begin your study.
You may schedule, or your physician can refer you for an evaluation visit with a sleep specialist prior to your sleep study.

Your physician or the sleep specialist determines which sleep parameters you will benefit from the most. Our goal is to make sure you understand the parameters prior to beginning your sleep study.

You will be required to stay overnight at the lab. If you are scheduled for the daytime study, we will study multiple naps during the day following your overnight stay.

Check-in is at 9:15 pm each night and check-out is 7am the morning your study is completed.

Please contact Capitol Sleep Centers for more information.


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